Biocope, Inc.


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BioCOPE, Inc. first added 30 gallons per day (gpd) of ERI to the Jefferson lift station to control grease, odor and corrosion at the Quinlan lift station. Two weeks later, a second pump was installed, and the daily treatment rate was reduced to a combined rate of 25 gpd. One pump operates continuously for 24 hours per day, while the second pump operates 13 hours per day. This allows the highest dosage of FERI to be targeted to the hours of the highest hydrogen sulfide production to control odors.

BioCOPE tracked the air phase hydrogen sulfide (H2S) readings during the initial weeks of treatment. During the untreated three-day period prior to treatment, the time-weighted average (TWA) was 51 PPM. After treatment, the TWA was reduced to 18 PPM, which is a 64.7% reduction in vapor phase H2S.

Donovan Banta, plant superintendent, reports the plant requires less ferric and alum for phosphorus removal. They have been able to increase the MLSS without requiring additional aeration. He also states that the effluent water is so clear he can read writing on the concrete at the bottom of the channel.

Kerrville, Texas

Kerrville, Texas