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Effects of Biocope on the

Anaerobic Digestion of Cattle Waste

By R. Krishnamurthy

Six 4 Liter capacity laboratory-scale reactors with a 3 Liter working volume were used to study the effects of Biocope on the anaerobic digestion of cattle waste. All the reactors were operated under similar conditions with identical levels of organic loading (three percent volatile solids). One of the reactors was used as a control, and the remaining five reactors were treated with five different levels of Biocope dosage. The different Biocope dosages used were 0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10 times the suggested dosage given by the manufacturer (1 gallon/18,000 gallons of wastewater). Several parameters, including COD, TOC, pH, total solids, and total volatile solids, were used to evaluate the effects of Biocope addition on the anaerobic digestion of cattle waste.  

Results from the statistical data analysis showed that there was a significant difference between the control and each of the tests of different Biocope dosages. The results also showed that there were no significant differences among the different dosages of Biocope. There was 25% to 35% (average of 29%) more reduction in COD and 20% to 30% (average of 27%) more reduction in TOC in the test reactors as compared to the control. Also, there was 16% to 28% (average of 22%) more reduction in total volatile solids and 9% to 20% (average of 14%) more reduction in total solids in the test reactors compared to the control. The conclusion is that an addition of Biocope did enhance the anaerobic digestion of the cattle waste. Further, it was concluded that there was no direct correlation between the different levels of Biocope dosage and the degree of anaerobic digestion.

Cattle Waste Study