Biocope, Inc.


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With 25 years experience treating municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems to eliminate grease, odor and sludge, BioCOPE Inc. has now adapted our product for home septic systems.

The same ingredients in our municipal and industrial product are present in SepticAid+. These natural substances provide a range of micronutrients, minerals, trace elements and other catalytic cofactors. In the presence of naturally occurring and added bacteria, these ingredients generate biological reactions, breaking down fats, oils and grease to their smallest components and providing a ready source of nutrition for the microbial population.

SepticAid+ accelerates the destruction of fats, oils, and grease, aiding the bacteria in the septic system in breaking down organic waste and paper products and slowing the sludge layer accumulation.

Untreated grease escaping into a drain field can clog it, often requiring the digging of an expensive new drain field. Wastewater treated with Septic Aid+ gradually removes old clogs in your drain field.


Our product contains no harsh chemical surfactants or degreasers. Unlike other products, which may use strong chemical additives that can actually interfere with the operation of septic systems AND leach harmful substances into the groundwater, our product is safe and non-hazardous.